Data Privacy & Protection Policy


Beneficiary Personal Data Privacy & Protection Policy

During the course of work undertaken by Dastageer Legal Aid Center (DLAC), there will inevitably be personal data collected from the purported beneficiaries. This policy seeks to lay down the rules pertaining to personal data handling and sharing.  This policy aims to protect the rights and freedom of persons with respect to the processing of personal data (“Data”) by laying down guidelines determining when and how this may be collected.

  1. Data shall include, inter alia, any and all information pertaining to a person including the national identity card number, personal address, information of a personal nature in any way, shape or form and any other information designated as Data by Insaf Network Pakistan or the person whose Data is being collected.
  2. There shall be absolutely no retention of information which may pertain to:
  • Political association
  • Sexual preferences

(Unless of course, these are voluntarily recorded in cases where any of these are a factor, in which case these may be retained strictly for the purposes of facilitation and project.)

  1. Data may be collected only with express consent of the party giving the data.
  2. Data may be collected in any way but shall be retained securely whether in hard copy format or in password protected files, accessible only by a designated supervisor.  All necessary data shall be entered in a secure location, password protected, and data base accessible to a designated supervisor.
  3. Once the Data is added to the database, it will remain on the database only so long as the person whose Data has been retained consents, provided that the consent shall not be withdrawn unreasonably.  A person who wishes to have his or her Data removed from the database will state in writing the reasons for withdrawal of data from database and address the same to the aforesaid supervisor.
  4. The Data so collected shall be held in trust and DLAC recognizes a fiduciary duty (a legal or ethical relationship of trust between two or more parties) in this regard towards the person whose data has been collected. The Data so collected shall not be transmitted or sold to any person or organization of any kind, except with the consent of the person / organization in question whose data has been collected.
  5. The Data may, with the consent of the person / organization, be shared with a lawyer engaged in litigation for DLAC for purposes of legal aid.
  6. Notwithstanding anything else contained hereinabove, the following exemptions will apply to the principles contained herein:
    • For compliance with a legal obligation to which DLAC is subject or;
    • In order to protect the vital interests of the person whose Data has been collected, or;
    • For the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or;
    • For the purposes of the project record verification and authentication.
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