Network of Support Organizations


Network of Support Organizations

In keeping with Dastageer Legal Aid Center’s (DLAC) responsibility to develop strong referral mechanism and institutional linkages under the Access to justice project mainly working on the rights of Persons with Disability and Minority Communities, each DLAC with the support of INP will select one organization working on Minorities and one organization working on Persons with Disability in target districts that will serve as referral link to Dastageer Legal Aid Center on a voluntary basis.


Key for Organization Selection:

  • Organization has established Helpline and Referral mechanism / past experience with protecting rights of Persons with Disability or Minority Communities.
  • If organization currently has no such helpline mechanism in place where community can contact them, then identify organization that are willing to establish helpline and referral system at their premises after getting training on Center / Helpline Management.

Insaf Network Pakistan will provide training to these two selected organization on Legal Aid Center Management and Paralegal Skills so that they can effectively

  1. Provide full support and complete cooperation as Network Partner for the activities carried out by LAC for project in respective district voluntarily.
  2. Strengthen LAC’s working on person with disability / minority & ethnic rights as per Support Organization expertise.
  3. Serve as liaison between the community and Legal Aid Centers.
  4. Case Referrals and facilitate LAC in mediation/ arbitration of cases with consent of litigating parties.
  5. Support LAC networking and advocacy on human rights framework specifically focusing on Gender Based Violence, person with disability and minority & ethnic rights.
  6. Enable establishment of sustainable linkages between community and other CBOs in the area.
  7. Establish helpline/or community referral mechanism at their own premises.

List of Access to Justice Support Organizations:

Sr. # Organization Name Theme (Minorities /Disabled) Years of Experience District
1 Roshni welfare orgnization Support Organization for Disable 13 Years Sialkot
2 Care foundition Support Organization for Minority 7 Years Sialkot
3 Community Development Foundation (CDF) Support Organization for Minority 3 Years Jacobabad
4 CASW Support Organization for Disable Jacobabad
5 SanjhmPreet Organization Support Organization for Minority 4 Years NankanaSahib
6 Bahali e Mazooran Welfare Society Support Organization for Disable NankanaSahib
7 Al-Rabia Trust (ART) Support Organization for Minority 7 Years Muzaffargarh
8 Rural Development Strengthen Power (RDSP) Support Organization for Disable 17 Years Muzaffargarh
9 Seher Support Organization for Minority 16 Years Quetta
10 Mehek Trust Support Organization for Disable 20 Years Quetta
11 Human rights focus Support Organization for Minority 1 Year Faisalabad
12 Beacon Foundation Support Organization for Disable 2 Years Faisalabad
13 Dorothea Center for special children Support Organization for Minority 5 Years Lahore
14 Milestone Support Organization for Disable 22 Years Lahore
15 Peace and Development Association Support Organization for Minority 10 Years Karachi
16 NOWPDP Support Organization for Disable 7 Years Karachi
17 Hujra Support Organization for Minority 18 Years Swat
18 Environmental protection society (EPS) Support Organization for Disable 23 Years Swat
19  Pakistan Lions Youth Council (PLYC) Support Organization for Minority 5 Years Khanewal
20  Sada-e-Umeed Support Organization for Disable 9 Years Khanewal
21 Nation Server Organization Support Organization for Disable 4 Years Multan
22 Peace and Development Foundation Support Organization for Minority 4 Years Multan
23 Umeed Social Welfare Association Support Organization for Disable 5 Years Sahiwal
24 The Salvation  Army Support Organization for Minority 10 Years Sahiwal
25 Uthan Support Organization for Disable 5 Years Hyderabad
26 Sindh Development Society Support Organization for Minority 23 Years Hyderabad
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