Project Progress


Dastageer Legal Aid Centers (DLACs) established under the project provide beneficiaries with free legal advice, psychosocial support and legal assistance in lodging FIR, sending letters to institutions on behalf of clients in case of violation of their rights by that institution, and facilitation in out-of-court settlements. Under particularly difficult circumstances, legal aid (financial assistance) to cover costs of legal proceedings are also offered to deserving beneficiaries.

1) Access by Beneficiaries:


Walk-In Beneficiaries:

Till March 2017, total 5186 beneficiary accessed the 12 DLACs operational across Pakistan. Of these 5186 beneficiaries, 2080 were male, 3102 were female and 4 were transgender.

Accessibility via. Helpline (0800 58888):


In 12 project districts, district level helplines have also been established and are operational in the DLACs. Till March 2017, total of 2348 beneficiaries accessed the 12 DLACs across Pakistan via the helpline for awareness, advice, psychosocial support and guidance. Of these 2348 beneficiaries, 1326 were male, 1021 were female and 1 was transgender.

2) Legal Aid (Court Cases) Support:


Total of 1013 beneficiaries have been facilitated through legal aid (court cases) by 12 DLACs working in 12 districts across Pakistan under different categories of Gender-based Violence (846 beneficiaries), Persons with Disabilities (39 beneficiaries) and Minorities ( 128 beneficiaries). Out of these 1013 beneficiaries, 115 were male and 898 were female clients.

3) Legal Assistance Provided:


Till March 2017, legal assistance has been provided to 152 beneficiaries. Of these 152 beneficiaries, 17 were male, 134 were female and 1 was a transgender client.  These assistance have been provided to survivors of Gender-based Violence (131 beneficiaries), Persons with Disabilities (10 beneficiaries) and Minorities (11 beneficiaries).

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