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When other girls of her age are busy doing their homework or discussing the latest fashion
trends, 15-year-old Sidra was working overtime in a factory in Lahore in 2011, to support her
family. One day when she was working late, and had no means of getting home due to a
transporters’ strike, her supervisor told her that she could spend the night at her house.
The Anti-Terrorism Court awarded the accused life imprisonment and a fine. Almost three
years later, the family of the accused appealed to the High Court in Lahore for mercy. At this
point, Sidra’s father, a daily wage worker, approached DLAC-Lahore to seek legal support. The
case was handled on a priority basis by the panel lawyer who registered it on February 6,
2015. It was concluded after eight hearings within four months’ time.
The High Court upheld the judgment of the Anti-Terrorism Court, and the main accused was
sentenced to life imprisonment with a fine of PKR 1,665,163 under the Pakistan Penal Code
for: (i) attempted murder (Section 324), (ii) causing damage to human body organs in pairs
(Section 337-R), and (iii) causing hurt to the skin/body (Section 337-F); and for causing
grievous bodily harm or injury under Section 7-C of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997.
The mother of the accused was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, with a fine of PKR
20,000 for concealing evidence and giving false information to save the offender (Section
201) under the Pakistan Penal Code.
Sidra’s story does not end here. The team of DLAC-Lahore has raised funds to arrange for a
cornea transplant, which if successful, will help restore vision in one of her eyes and bring
back some colour to her life.
LAHORE Later that night, Sidra was woken up by the supervisor’s son who
tried to force her to go to his room with him. She started screaming
and everyone in the house, including his mother, the supervisor,
woke up. Unfortunately, Sidra’s nightmare was just beginning; to
her dismay, the mother told her son to throw acid on her to silence
her forever. The next morning, Sidra’s distraught father was told
she was attacked by unidentified persons.
The doctors informed Sidra’s family that she had sustained burns
on more than 50% of her body, lost sight in both her eyes and was
unconscious. Meanwhile, in order to mislead the police, her
supervisor registered a false case of attempted murder on behalf of
Sidra and her family against their neighbors and three unknown
assailants under Section 324 of the Pakistan Penal Code.
The case was dropped when Sidra regained consciousness after
one week and gave her statement. An FIR was registered against
both the accused and they were duly arrested.

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