7 Naseem is a Christian from a village in the district of Sialkot. He is married and works as a
laborer in a factory. As long as he can remember, he suffered maltreatment and discrimination
at his workplace, which he could not leave due to lack of alternate employment options. No
one would eat with him in the workplace due to the religious differences and he would be
called derogatory names. He was not granted time off or any leaves from work although
others were allowed to do the same. He was subjected to emotional and verbal insults to such
an extent that he was unable to concentrate on his work.
He reached his breaking point when his boss accused him of theft, withheld his salary and an
FIR was registered against him. Even though he was not sure if anyone could help him, Naseem
desperately wanted to counter the claim against him.
He learned about DLAC-Sialkot through a community
member and approached them. The Center took his
case and registered it on February 18, 2015. The trial
took eight months, but the judgment went in favor of
Naseem. He was acquitted under Section 249-A of the
Code of Criminal Procedure.
Naseem was happy with the verdict and did not wish to
pursue further legal proceedings or file for damages.
He has since found a job in another factory and is
earning a decent living for his family.

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