Ghulam Muqadasa’s mother handed her over to her maternal grandmother, Anwar Bibi when she was only a month old. At the age of 12, Muqadasa’s father passed away and her mother married her late husband’s younger brother, who started pressurizing Anwar Bibi and his wife for the custody of Muqadasa. Anwar Bibi aware of the character of Muqadasa’s uncle, and now stepfather, feared for her granddaughter’s safety and refused to give in to the threats and pressure. One evening, Muqadasa’s stepfather along with three others, barged into Anwar Bibi’s home in Sahiwal and abducted the young girl.

The Code of Criminal Procedure in the District Court on May 23, 2015 for Muqadasa’s recovery. The judge was requested to hear the case on a priority basis as it concerned the safety of an innocent young girl. The hearing took place on May 25, 2015. The judge after listening to the facts of the case and hearing the statement of the minor, who said that she wanted to live with her grandmother, concluded that Muqadasa should be handed over to the petitioner/grandmother as she was in a better position to ensure her well being.

Anwar Bibi reached out to the police, but they refused to register an FIR against the accused as he was Muqadasa’s blood relative and stepfather.

She learned about DLAC-Sahiwal and approached them for help.

The Center filed a petition for Habeas Corpus and Powers to Compel Restoration of Abducted Females (Sections 491/552) under “I used to believe that justice is only for the rich and the powerful, but after my experience I have learned that justice works for the poor as well but only by the hands of the right people like Dastageer Center who helped us.

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