Liaquat is a 52-year-old, blind man.He is dependent to a large extent upon the kindness of his neighbors in Faisalabad, who look after him. His pride and joy was a buffalo he inherited as it helped him earn a small livelihood by selling milk. A relative expressed an interest in buying the buffalo, an offer Liaquat was very excited about. The court directed the police to redress the grievance of the petitioner and proceed further in accordance with the law. Consequently, the police called both the parties and a settlement was reached according to which Liaquat received an amount of PKR 75,000 from his relative in exchange for the buffalo.

“I felt very angry and disappointed that my own flesh and blood denied me the right to live with dignity. I would  ever let myself beg and desperately wanted to get what was rightfully mine!”

His excitement turned to bewilderment when his relative took the buffalo without giving him any money in return. When Liaquat asked for payment for the buffalo, the relative denied knowledge of any such agreement. As the buffalo was his only source of income, Liaquat looked to the community for help. One of his neighbors advised him to visit the local DLAC in Faisalabad.

The Center assessed his situation and a petition was filed under Sections 22-A and 22-B of the Code of Criminal Procedure on March 3, Liaquat was provided with the required legal services he needed, when the case finally came to court.

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